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Rug Pads

Your Guide to Area Rug Pads

Now that you have a stunning new area rug, it’s time to invest in a rug pad to help preserve its beauty. Area rug pads are thin underlays specially made to be used under rugs. They simultaneously protect both your rug and the floors beneath. While they're not an absolute necessity, we highly recommend buying a high-quality area rug pad so you can prolong your floor's lifespan and get the most enjoyment out of your rug for years to come.

If this is your first area rug, or the first time you’ve heard about area rug pads, our flooring experts are here provide some background on what types there are, the most recommended materials to look for, and why we think area rug pads are important. Ready to learn more?

The Main Types of Area Rug Pads

There are three main types of area rug pads for hard-surface floors, especially hardwood.  They are non-slip pads, cushioned pads, and pads that offer a combination of both. For carpeting, special rug-to-carpet padding is also available. As you’ll see below, each pad type offers its own value and benefits according to the size of your area rug and where it's located within your home.

Similarly, there are three rug pad materials we recommend you look for: natural rubber, felt and a combination of both.  These particular materials all tend to be acceptable for use on a wide variety of hard flooring surfaces and, generally speaking, won’t harm them. It’s recommended to choose an area rug pad made with these materials, as pads made from glues, plastic, or adhesives can stick to or stain hardwood, vinyl and even laminate floors. Let’s take a closer look at the different types.

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Non-Slip Area Rug Pads

Non-Slip rug pads made from natural rubber are, as their name suggests, designed to prevent rugs from slipping, wrinkling & bunching on hard-surface floors. These pads simultaneously grip the area rug & hold it in place on the floor, providing a cushioned, protective layer. While they can be used with all rug sizes & types, we recommend them in high-traffic areas where thin rugs may slip & slide.

Cushion + Grip Area Rug Pads

Cushion + Grip Area Rug Pads made from a combination of natural rubber and felt are multi-purpose, anchoring  rugs firmly to the floor while adding a layer of comfort. These combo rug pads are recommended for thinner, smaller area rugs that are prone to slipping and/or wrinkling, as these tend to need more grip, support & cushioning.

Cushioned Area Rug Pads

Cushioned rug pads made from felt make area rugs softer and more comfortable underfoot. These cushioned pads add a plush layer to larger rugs that are located in areas that get a lot of visitors. As area rugs in these rooms tend to be anchored by furniture, grip is less important in this type of rug pad. However, cushioned pads do provide firm support for the area rug, which is important.

Rug-to-Carpet Pad

If you plan to lay an area rug over carpeting, look for a specially designed rug-to-carpet pad. These pads are typically made of polyester with a vinyl coating and are made to prevent the rug from bunching up on the carpet underneath.

At Metro Flooring & Design, we know that flooring solutions, including area rugs, are an investment of both your time and money. That’s why we believe that area rug pads are worth the small added expense to protect your floors. Using them can prevent a larger expense later when you may need to repair any potential damage that could happen without them!


What to Know before You Buy

There are many different options of rug pads in various materials available, even in addition to the ones mentioned here. Therefore, it’s important to note that not all options suit every use.

Before selecting your area rug pad, it’s best to first review your flooring manufacturer’s recommendations. As previously mentioned, this is because some types of materials found in various area rug pads may not be recommended for use on certain types of flooring, and they may cause damage to your existing floor, like discoloration. Also be sure to check your floor’s warranty to see if any materials are prohibited from use.

For any other questions, including how to measure your area rug for a rug pad or which type of area rug pad is better for your particular floor and lifestyle, feel free to contact us at Metro Flooring & Design. One of our experts will help you find the best area rug pad for your area rug and floors.

Still have a question about the best rug pad for you? Contact us or visit us today.