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Rich, Elegant Floors

Hardwood Flooring in Moore, OK

Make a distinctive design statement by enhancing your space with sophisticated hardwood floors. Every hardwood plank adds its own unique character, filling any room with undeniable and long-lasting charm. At Metro Flooring & Design, you’ll find different hardwood styles, species, colors, and graining that will impress all who walk on it.

Solid vs. Engineered Hardwood

engineered Solid | Metro Flooring & Design

What’s the difference? Solid hardwood is the traditional version of hardwood flooring. They feature planks made from a single, solid piece of real wood. Engineered hardwood on the other hand is a layered wood floor made from thin slices of hardwood layered on top of another piece of high-quality wood composite such as plywood. Engineered wood is often more cost effective and versatile – and can often be installed at any grade, even in basements.

The durability of your hardwood is determined largely by the thickness of each plank. In addition, other factors include the wear layer and finish.

Standard hardwood planks come in a few different thicknesses. A ½-inch or 3/8-inch thickness is common for engineered hardwood planks, for instance. Solid hardwood floors, on the other hand, are much thicker – often ¾-inch with an added wear layer. This wear layer allows for additional refinishing. This is a selling point of solid hardwood over engineered. Engineered wood can often be sanded, but likely only a single treatment over its lifespan.

Hardwood Styles

Our featured hardwood floors are available in a wide array of materials, styles and colors, all guaranteed to add elegance and value to your home.

  • hand Scraped hardwood | Metro Flooring & Design

    Hand Scraped

    Hand scraped hardwood provides a warm, soft look that adds comfort and style to any home or business. When applied to both engineered and solid hardwood floors, the hand scraped look can give any room in your home or office that age old feel. 

  • distressed | Metro Flooring & Design


    Each plank is not only intentionally distressed, but artistically created to simulate the marks left behind by age and wear. The distressed look of hardwood floors achieves the balance of both the modern styles of today and the antiqued appearance of yesterday. 

  • wire brush Hardwood | Metro Flooring & Design

    Wire Brushed

    Wire brushed engineered and solid hardwood floors, provide a textured yet smooth look to your flooring surface. Wire brushes glide across each plank pulling the soft grains up into the woods surface providing softness and comfort underfoot.

  • smooth hardwood | Metro Flooring & Design


    Smooth hardwood floors provide the traditional look and feel to any home or business. This warm look can come in a low, medium or high gloss finish to achieve the desired look you want. Smooth hardwood floors can provide elegance and charm to suit all your design needs.

All about hardwood

Hardwood floors offer lasting beauty and character. Their elegance and sophistication enhance any décor with style and durability that can last for generations. At Metro Flooring & Design, we know it can be hard to choose between the different species, colors, grain patterns, and construction of each type of hardwood, so we take the time to explain how each of these traits can affect the floor’s durability, style, and resilience. Another choice to consider is solid or engineered wood, as each one offers different features and benefits. Visit us in Moore to find the perfect hardwood floor for your home and lifestyle.

shaw distrassed hardwood | Metro Flooring & Designflooring

Features & Benefits of Hardwood Floors

In addition to adding class and beauty to a room, hardwood floors have the advantage of lasting for generations with proper care. Their durability & consequent longevity are appealing from a design standpoint, but these traits are also what make hardwood floors a cost-effective flooring option. No matter how many years go by, versatile hardwood floors will always be in style and complement any décor. Not to mention, solid hardwood can simply be refinished if you want to change the wood’s color or remove wear marks.

While preventative maintenance is recommended to preserve the natural beauty in the long term, hardwood floors are also easy to clean. Available in an expansive array of colors, species, and grains, hardwood offers countless design options for unique & personalized looks in every home. Overall, the durability, longevity, low maintenance and unique character of hardwood floors bring their interior design utility to a whole new level.

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