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Tile Flooring

From Metro, Your Tile Specialists

Tile Flooring in Moore, OK

For floors that are beautiful and practical, look no further than ceramic, porcelain or stone tile. With limitless design options, your home, office, venue or even outdoor space, will benefit from the look and practicality of tile. Metro Flooring & Design carries an extensive tile inventory, in various materials, shapes, colors and styles, to meet any design or budget.

Shaw ceramic tile | Metro Flooring & Design

Why choose ceramic and porcelain tile?

Tile is a deservedly popular flooring option, given its practicality and versatility. Available in countless colors, styles, shapes and sizes, tile is a fun, beautiful and creative flooring option for first-time and seasoned interior designers alike. From floors to walls, ceramic, porcelain and stone tiles can enhance any interior or exterior, with their beauty, resilience and charm. Explore our inventory at Metro Flooring & Design to find the perfect tile for needs.

Choose from ceramic & natural stone tile

Our featured tiles are available in a wide array of materials, styles, patterns and colors, all guaranteed to add beauty, charm and value to your home.

shaw natural stone | Metro Flooring & Design

Popular forms of natural stone

granite tile | Metro Flooring & Design


Dense volcanic rock with a distinctive speckled appearance, impervious to scratching excellent for high-traffic areas such as kitchens. Variations of granite offer color & pattern differences.

marble tile | Metro Flooring & Design


A metamorphic stone well known for its elegant appearance & luxurious reputation. It’s more porous than other types of stone, so we recommend it for decorative use rather than practical needs.

limestone tile | Metro Flooring & Design


A sedimentary rock with an earthy look. Less dense than other stone, limestone is more susceptible to damage than granite. It makes up for that by being porous, able to  be stained different colors.

shaw tile | Metro Flooring & Design

Features & Benefits of Tile Flooring

No other flooring product offers as much adaptability and variety as tile. Available in traditional, modern or trendy designs, tile offers such a wide variety of styles, colors, and sizes that they will satisfy any of your renovation needs. Plus, for even more creative design effect, tiles can be mixed and matched, whether for flooring or for countertops, backsplashes, walls & murals.

Besides being versatile, tile is durable and resilient to heavy traffic, wear, and stains. Even if tile breaks, repairing it is easy and fast, provided you have spare tiles of the same style. In fact, it is often faster to replace a broken tile than to fix hardwood, laminate or luxury vinyl flooring. Overall, tile is an adaptable, beautiful, cost-effective, durable & attractive flooring option that offers easy care and maintenance and limitless design potential.

FAQs of Tile Flooring

Still looking for more info about tile flooring? Here are some of the tile questions we
get asked most often by our customers here at Metro Flooring & Design.

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